To be safe you need to be prepared, to be prepared you need the right clothes, right material, the right cooking material. Use a water filter to purify your water. You should come prepared for any weather. You, also, need to tell some one where you are going and then know where you are— use a map or a compass.Other things you will need to safely leave no trace are a first aid kit, little pots and pans so that you can cook, and a fire blanket so when you make a fire it will not leave a big ring and black spot.

You will need somewhere to “go” to the bathroom so bring a shovel and toilet paper. Be sure you are at least 200 feet from any water sources. When you're done bury it.

Proper care for your pack animals is an important part of a back country experience. Don't tie horses to trees, they can dig through the ground to the trees roots and kill the tree. Instead of tying them to a tree you can hook them up separately on a hitch line so they can still move but not around the trees. If your horse leaves droppings clean them up and spread the droppings all over the ground about 200 ft away from water sources. Never leave a horse in one spot to graze for very long or it will have eaten all the vegetation that is in that area. You need to shift the horse every little while.

Because you're in the trees your horses will have a lot of bugs on it so you need to put bug spray on it, not very much, but enough to cover the horses neck.

Llamas are being used more frequently in the back country. You should always approach a llama carefully such as coming towards them with the back of you’re hand up so they don’t think you’re a predator that tells them that your human. You should pet llamas and be calm near them.