Take a Walk in the Woods and Learn about Your Forests in Northwest Montana

Saturday, May 12, 2018, Trumbull Creek Educational Forest, Columbia Falls, MT

May 12th, 2018 for families and May 7 thru May 11th, 2018 for 5th graders

Activity Stations

backcountry-campActivity stations are set up and structured to enhance your knowledge of the forest surrounding you.

They provide a variety of topics to take with you when you go into the forest to help understand and look for the animals and plants that live there. The stations also provide a brief history of the forest development and how humans have used and changed the forest environment.

The weekday program includes a wide range of topics including: archeology, fisheries, plant identification, forest management, wildlife, riparian areas, low impact camping for all users, hikers, bikers and horse riders, forest fires and a logging mill tour.

The weekend program includes all of the activity stations along with a wide range of demonstrations and hands on activities to fill the entire day.