Take a Walk in the Woods and Learn about Your Forests in Northwest Montana

Saturday, May 12, 2018, Trumbull Creek Educational Forest, Columbia Falls, MT

May 12th, 2018 for families and May 7 thru May 11th, 2018 for 5th graders

Forest Fire Station

The instructors at the Fire Station teach good and bad results of forest fire. They show the role of fire in nature and have the students look for signs of an old fire around the Expo site. The instructors show students some of the tools of a fire fighter. They demonstrate how fire is important to reseeding certain kinds of trees.

The instructors show the students some of the equipment the use for fighting fires. They show how they might use fusees to start a “back fire”. They show the pulaski and the emergency shelter.

The instructors teach the triangle of fire – fuel, heat, and oxygen. When you need to put a fire out you remove one of these three. Lightning usually starts Forest fires, although fires are started by careless campers and cigarettes as well.

To start a camp fire safely you need to keep the fire in the middle of something like “fire foil” – a type of fire proof foil. You can always dig a hole in the ground, but do not leave big fire rings. You should leave no evidence of a campfire for the next visitors to see.

tree-rings-and-fireThere are three different kinds of fires. There are crown fires, surface fires, and ground fires. A ground fire is underneath the ground. A crown fire starts on the tops of trees. A surface fire starts on the ground. Lightning often starts crown fires.

Fires are a part of nature in the forest. They help regenerate forest growth by clearing an area and opening it up for new plant growth. They help reseed an area by opening pine cones. A fire becomes a “bad fire” when it threatens man or something man has built.